Friday, September 24, 2010

Do I really care if you have too much time on your hands?

It's actually kind of a fun thing to think about...your hands and time on your hands!
Everyone is busy on Facebook posting messages all the time and writing fan letters. Do I really care? Not really! If they play video games all day, do I care? Not really...What people do in their spare time doesn't really effect my's their business. If they have too much time on their hands, so what? Do I really care? Should I? Hope they are having some fun...guess right this minute I have a little time on my hands! Is that anyone's's Friday night and as they say on television...this is Entertainment Tonight!
Just got too much time on your hands?

We're a multi-cultural group...let's join hands!

Halloween's coming soon...these are my hands!

Give us a hand!

All of us!

It's important to keep those hands clean!
Lefty or Writey?

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