Monday, November 22, 2010

Take a picture!!!

Although no one knows for sure when a camera-type device was first discovered, the camera obscura became popular among Renaissance artists who used it to trace the image projected by light shining through a tiny hole. - the year the invention of the photographic process was made public. During the prior decades, a number of light-sensitive materials were tested to capture the image from the camera obscura, but the first successful permanent photograph is usually credited to Louis Daguerre.
That picture, captured on a silver-coated sheet of copper, using his 'positive image' Daguerreotype process, is entitled The Artist's Studio and is dated 1837. It was fragile & difficult to reproduce.

The word photography was first used in the year 1839
Early Daguerreotype Photo

Late 19th Century Photo

She's a cutie pie...don't you agree?

Sweet portrait of child from turn of the century

Old French Photograph

The photographer...took the photo of someone's mother way back when

Now is here when our story begins...
this photograph was our great grandparents

This is the cover of the Detroit Jewish News Gift Guide...
November 18th...
they just loved our Chanukah card and gave us a 2 page spread in the magazine ... how fabulous was that!!! ...and check out those old photographs!!!

By the time the details of this process were made public, in 1839, other artists and scientists had discovered additional photographic imaging techniques. William Henry Fox Talbot's Calotype process used light-sensitive paper and produced a 'negative image' that could be used to create positive prints.

These methods required long exposure time, animate objects could not be recorded. No one could hold still long enough! The earliest photographic recordings were architechtural and landscape scenes.
By 1840, when techniques had improved and exposure times were shortened, Portrait photography became fashionable. Since that time, photography has become an important tool in many fields, with sophisticated techniques and equipment continuing to evolve.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted!!!

Tonight, as I am watching the returns come in from all over the country I am very happy that I was able to cast my vote. Just think about how many people in this world in the year 2010 can't vote ... Amazing!
and who would have thought that 100 years ago...

We want to vote!!!

There's nothing more to say!!!

It's in the news!

They wanted to vote!!!