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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We love vintage doors!

There is something about old doors! To begin with doors are the gateway to every home, have to pass through to see what's in side. Don't you sometimes walk by a door and wonder what's inside? Lot's of photographers like to take pictures of doors around the world and we thought we might share some beauties with you!

This is a crazy old's old & a
little below the sidewalk...
Love the color!!!

No. 11 to where in the world?

This iron door has all the intricate
work and has this beautiful stone archway...
Where does this door lead?

There is something about barn doors


Fabulous old door in old Paris...
Don't you just love the
graffiti on the left?

Have to say that there is something
special about this old alley door!

This iron door is a beauty!


don't know where...but it is
really old & beautiful!

Think...flamingo pink...
Mexico color!!!

old, rusty & patina!

pair of ornate Italian vintage  doors

Color & shape are the words!

Is this a lion at the gate?

1900's carriage house doors

Argentine pedestrian gates
from years far ago!

Belgian double iron doors
circa 1920's

Amazing Art Deco elevator doors
at the gorgeous Waldorf Astoria Hotel
New York City

Art Deco iron entry way door
Belgium, 1920's

Art Nouveau stained glass
double entry doors

Art Nouveau dreamy door !

Art Deco elevator doors

Art Deco brass door in the Chanin Building
New York City

Cuba has unusual doors

These french doors in Cuba have  sweet color

doors to old church in

There is something about the old
doors in Paris...ruby makes it
even more special!

This is a crazy, wonderful
door to an old castle
Prague, Czech Republic

don't know where...but the handle
is great!

Knock, Knock...

doors in old Havana...color, color, color

lot's of doors lead to this shrine in
South Korea

What more can you say...
this door has it all!

this Gothic church has amazing 12 ft. doors

brass Art Deco elevator doors

Gustav Stickley doors

this ornate pair of doors lead to an
apartment in the oldest settlement of
Tel Aviv, Israel

beautiful inlaid wood
Art Nouveau door

vintage iron work entry way door

Japanese old fusuma doors

There are beautiful old doors in Japan

Inlaid wood and mother of  pearl
set of doors
Paris beauty and it's blue!

pair of Victorian arched doors

Paris has so many beautiful doors!

Another beauty in Paris

Another beauty in Paris!!...and it's pink!!!

More Art Nouveau...

door to crypt in the Pere Lachaise Cemetary...
This is the burial home to Edith Piaf, Marcel Marceau,
Modigliani, Jim Morrison, Seurat...and so many of
the famous artists of our past!

Peachy door photo by
Ben Freeman


In India...ornate door leads to...
and is guarded!

painted tin Old Mexican door to

these creamy old wood doors have
become a fantastic screen!

vintage Art Deco glass and metal door

Think...YELLOW & fabulously ornate!

got to love that someone
is using these wonderful
doors for a headboard