Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All the old shoes are new again!

All these vintage shoes are new again & many times over! Fashion is recycled and what is great returns...many of these below will look familiar to you!!!

Starburst flapper shoe was designed in 1922-25 by
Dutch shoe designer,  Th. J de Bont
Circa 1905  strap shoe that evolved to what we know today as  Mary Janes!

1960's vinyl go-go boots with a fun Mondrian-like design

Fabulous studded green suede platforms from 1940's

Fabulous 1940's orange pumps with that famous matching handbag!!!

1950's Spring-o-later mules with lucite and rhinestones

These 1970's killer platforms have 3" platform which
makes the heel go to 6"!!!

This contemporary looking shoe was actually
made in 1900 by the Laird-Schober Company

1910 Victorian era Carriage boot
beige velvet and fur

1927 silk embroidered pump by French shoe designer
Greco in Paris

In 1938 Ferragamo designed this shoe made
of cellophane and kid

French shoe designer, Perugia designed this shoe in 1938!

These sweet peep toe wedge shoes are from the 1940's

1955 shoe made of dark green suede and silver kid was designed by
Flordia shoe  manufacturer, Gainsbourough

Antique hand carved mother-of-pearl and wood
shoes are from circa 1920's Cairo

1920's hand embroidered silk slippers from China

Antique Amish Mennonite wool baby shoes

Antique Edwardian era funeral burial shoes
circa 1915

These cobalt silk dancing shoes were
designed in the 1930's!

Edwardian era dance shoes with Jet buttons
have Louis XV heel!

Early 1900's English walking shoes
with the famous cuban heels!

Probably one of the most famous of all shoes by Ferragamo!

Late 1920's to early 1930's is when this
black suede shoe was worn!

Vintage gold metallic leather dance shoe with rhinestone
buckle was designed in about 1930 by Burch Shoes
in Eugene, Oregon
These Victorian lace up boots were worn
in early 1900's ... check out those fabulous
spool heels and pointy toes!

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