Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's the holidays!!!

Julie and I've been so busy that we just haven't been on the blog lately...sorry about that!

So today, I think instead of writing lot's of stuff...I am going to give you lot's of holiday season flashes from your past...hope you enjoy
Lot's of wonderful baking from your oven!!!
...and now some of us do like fruitcake!
Must have been someone's Grandma's
Gorgeous vintage Menorah from the turn of the century...

This is definitely my dream Christmas tree!!!

look how much 7 up cost then!
I totally remember this advertisement! ...

Applesauce or sour cream on your latkes for
The kids are supposed to get gelt for Chanukah!!!
This will remind you of the great old trees of your past!!!
Fun thrift shop ornaments now...
they were our parents...
Amazing that they are now antiques!!!
Sweet old card from France
How cute are these?
Doesn't she look familiar?

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